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Our content marketing agency combines professional writing skills and a robust editorial process with a deep understanding of content strategy. Our domain expertise includes online learning, higher education and B2B edtech. You get a blog and whitepaper writing service that solves your challenges producing high quality and strategically aligned content.

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400 Words on What We Do, How We Work and How We Price Our Content Marketing Services


Hi. I’m Robert, and I’m deleting my favorite blog posts and other clutter from the front page so I can jump directly into answering the questions I get asked most often about my content marketing agency from prospective clients.

My team and I deliver written content that solves a problem many marketing directors struggle with: even if they hire very good freelance writers, they don’t get copy they can actually use without investing a surprising amount of management and editing time. Our solution ensures the content delivered to you is on-brand, fits with your strategy and is very high quality. You get the content you actually need.

To create content that is ready to publish, a team of marketing experts and editors works extensively on every piece for every client. Our goal is for you to be thrilled with each article so you can slot it immediately into your inbound marketing plan.

  • With that in place, the lead editor crafts assignments and helps find authoritative sources of information. Then the writers go to work.
  • The lead editor works with the writers to develop their drafts into more impactful articles.
  • We revise drafts to ensure the article fits with your positioning, messaging, marketing KPIs and business objectives.
  • We then polish, proofread and fact check articles before delivering them.

Our content marketing services are for companies that understand the limitations to hiring writers individually but are daunted by the expense of a complete content team. We take on contracts with a budget of $5,000/month and that commit to six months.

Annualized, that’s about equal to the all-in expenses for an entry-level full-time writer. Our solution is designed to use the same budget to provide a complete team of experienced writers and editors and a working editorial process.

My vision is a content marketing agency that provides my clients a steady program of white papers, ebooks, blog articles and newsletters that are high quality and strategically aligned with their goals. I want you to feel you have a partner who gets your story and who you can trust to tell it for you.

If that sounds like it will fit with your needs and budget, then I look forward to discussing your goals for your thought leadership content.

I’d love to learn about what your team is working on!

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