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Even if it’s outsourced, it should be on board

I have a vision of a content creation agency that consistently produces standout material aligned with my clients’ business goals. I believe brands have an opportunity to do better if they have a partner who can help them deal with two major challenges to implementing content marketing.

Challenge 1: The writing seems fine, but it’s misaligned

Many of my clients have tried giving assignments to good freelance writers only to discover that, without close direction, the material coming in has drifted from the business goals. Viewed in isolation, an article might be great and even show a lot of research into the sector. But it could have been from any company in that sector, or it targets no one in particular.

The company doesn’t have time to ensure the writers thoroughly understand the company’s marketing strategy. Nor does anyone have the time or process in place to manage a rewrite when the copy is not quite there. So they pay the invoice, and the draft gets forgotten. In fact, one study showed that more than $50 billion a year annually is wasted this way.

That’s why my content creation process layers a thoughtful consultation and discovery phase with a managing editor function. We reduce the risk of unaligned work by developing clear projects that map to your business and marketing goals, and we revise until it’s right.

Challenge 2: Content that doesn’t matter

Too much of what passes for content marketing now is filler that doesn’t help the target customer. It’s optimized to get traffic but rarely delivers on what the headline promises, does nothing for potential customers and therefore does nothing for the brand — nothing positive anyway.

That’s why I work with clients eager to cut through the noise, to connect with customers and to grow business by maintaining a very high standard of quality. My quality benchmarks are pretty simple — new insight that is authoritative and useful — but it’s not easy to stay above those benchmarks.

I do it by using a team of people who don’t just write well but who ask questions well — who get familiar fast with what’s already published on a subject and then know how to get answers to questions that haven’t been tackled yet.

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I love talking with businesses about their vision. If you are ready for a content services partner who is in alignment with your marketing goals and who can see the job through to the end, let’s schedule some time to talk.


Robert McGuire

Robert McGuire


I have a vision of a content marketing agency that consistently produces standout material aligned with my clients’ business goals.

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