A Free Content Planning Tool For Our Visitors From the B2B Growth Podcast

Are you here to get the content planning tool discussed on the B2B Growth podcast?

Welcome listeners! And thank you very much to James Carbary. That was a lot of fun.

If you stumbled on this, be sure to listen to the show on the Sweetfish Media website or in iTunes. They have a ton of great guests talking about B2B marketing, product marketing and demand generation.b2b growth podcast content planning tool for content marketing agencies

During the show, James and I discussed a planning tool that the team at my content marketing agency uses. We call it the content strategy brief, and it was inspired by the kind of creative brief that clients traditionally provide to agencies. (Which we think is nuts. It should be the other way around!)

We developed the content strategy brief, because we believe the broken link in content development is between a company’s overall business and marketing goals and what writers are working on. Marketing managers need a way to express how content fits into the overall strategy and then to guide writers.

Our content planning tool fixes that broken link

And we’re glad to offer it to you for free. No lead gen form required. Go ahead and download it and enjoy.

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Download the editable content planning tool here!

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