Freelance Editor Scope of Work Template for Visitors From the Marketing Mentor Podcast

A warm welcome to listeners of the Marketing Mentor podcast! If you are here looking for the freelance editor scope of work template that Ilise Benun and I discussed, you’re at the right place.

Thank you very much to Ilise. It’s been great getting to know and her work with creative clients in the last year.

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Ilise and I discussed how the evolution from freelancer to running a real business often involves building a team of subcontractors or people with whom you can partner to deliver services to clients. Three years ago, I was delivering services to my clients by myself one article at a time. It was only when I started to build an excellent network of content marketing professionals that I could grow into a real marketing agency.

The freelance editor scope of work template I use can help with that

To hire subcontractors, you need to get your operations in order. That means getting clear in your own mind who you and your team will work together and writing good job descriptions. Then you should have a scope of work that clearly describes the deliverables and who is responsible for what.

Below is the scope of work template for freelance editors that I used for the three editors currently working with my agency.

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Download the freelance editor SOW template here!

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