Free Nonprofit Marketing Plan and Strategy Tool for Listeners of the Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Are you here to get the nonprofit marketing plan template that you heard discussed on the Successful Nonprofits podcast?

Welcome listeners! And thank you very much to Dolph Goldenburg. He was a great host as always.

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Nonprofit marketing plan; logo for Successful Nonprofits podcast by Goldenburg group with Dolph Goldenburg

On the show, Dolph and I discussed a lot of the ideas in our Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing for Nonprofits — an ongoing series of articles covering theory, practice and tools.

Plan your content instead of blogging blindly

Dolph and I also discussed a nonprofit marketing plan template that helps connect your mission to specific content marketing activities. We sometimes call it the content strategy brief, and it should help you make sure that you don’t go down the path of what we call “blogging blindly.”

This template forces you to identify your donor persona, what information they are looking for and where they get their information. Then it asks you to think through your theory of change. If you provide relevant content to a clear audience, how will that result in movement on the metrics that matter to you?

A nonprofit marketing plan that’s smart about content

We use the strategy brief every day with our B2B clients, and they say it helps them stick to their strategy.

Please take it with our best wishes — no need to fill out a lead generation form. If you find it helpful, please share it will colleagues and let people know where you got it.

Once you are creating great content for your nonprofit organization, we’d love to hear about it. Send us a note sometime about how your project is going. And if you want to learn more about our content development services, go ahead and sign up for our newsletter.

Download the nonprofit marketing plan template here!


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