Content Strategy Template for Visitors From the Driving Participation Podcast

A warm welcome to listeners of the Driving Participation podcast! If you are here looking for the draft content strategy template that Beth Brodovsky and I discussed, you found the right place.

Thank you very much to Beth. It has been great to learn more about Iris Creative and her team’s work with nonprofits, schools and associations to build community and brand.

content strategy template

If you came across this page through another route, be sure to listen to the show on the Driving Participation podcast site. You can also hear Beth’s excellent show on iTunes and Stitcher.

Beth and I discussed some of the challenges to using content marketing for nonprofits and higher ed. But we also identified some workable approaches you can use today:

  • How to measure participation.
  • What kinds of conversions to expect from content marketing.
  • How to use lead magnets effectively.
  • How to promote your content marketing.

A content strategy template download

It all starts with a clear objective and a clear road map to get there. Below is the content strategy template that Beth and I discussed.

As we said, this is a draft — an evolution from an earlier content strategy document that we have been using with our clients — so we would really love to have your feedback on it. We’re calling it the content strategy logic model, and those of you who have used logic models in nonprofit programs should find parts of it familiar. We’re eager to see how you use it and we hope you’ll let us know through the message form below.

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Thanks very much! We can’t wait to hear from you.

Download the content strategy template now!

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