Quick Content Planning Template for Visitors From the 10-Minute Marketer Podcast

Thanks very much to David Pollock for having me as a guest on the 10-Minute Marketer podcast. It’s a terrific show, isn’t it? During my second interview with him, David got me to let it slip that my team has been working on a quick content planning template. It is soooo close to ready. We’re still alpha testing it with some of our partners and getting good feedback.

10-minute marketer podcast

This tool strives to balance exactly the problem David and I were discussing — how to be planful and strategic without getting bogged down by the sense that more and better information is needed before you can make any progress. The perfect planning tool would give you confidence enough to get started on your content marketing but not delay you too much. It should help you unearth real strategic insights but not give you that pit in the stomach when you hear the words “strategic planning.”

We’re developing our content strategy template — we call it the logic model — by updating and improving on previous creative brief documents we’ve used with clients in past.

How can you get the quick content planning template?

If you would like to beta test the logic model when it’s ready, then we would love to share it with you directly. If you’ll join our mailing list, you’ll be the first to see it.