If you work in nonprofit marketing, you are surely hearing about how important content marketing is becoming.

And if you’ve spent any time researching this emerging model for attracting supporters and partners, you’ve likely come across plenty of material aimed at other sectors and industries: tech startups, professional services firms, national consumer brands.

But you probably haven’t seen much that discusses how content marketing applies to nonprofit marketing in particular, much less providing actionable advice and tools that will help you get started.

We created Give to Get series to change that. Our goal is that, piece-by-piece, you’ll find all the information you need, whether you are a novice to content marketing or if you are working on specific pieces of your content planning and development.

Stop wondering. Start reaching your people now.


Content marketing may be a new concept for nonprofits, but it’s ideal for reaching your audience.

Marketing is evolving. Nonprofits need to get real about today’s digital transformations and changes in buyer behavior.

Some nonprofits think maintaining their blog is a content marketing plan — but that blog might be doing nothing to achieve strategic goals.

Sources of well written, interesting, helpful and insightful content surround you. Your nonprofit marketing plan just needs to use those resources well.

To understand why nonprofits should consider content marketing, let’s talk about why everyone else is doing it.

Our “theory of change.” Give to get, share your expertise steadily over time, stay “customer centric,” and eventually your audience will come to you.

Efficiency is the name of the game. Ways to tap your nonprofit’s inherent expertise for quick content that will reach your donors.

A comprehensive 4,000-word shopping list that explains the tools you’ll need to implement your content marketing plan.

BONUS CONTENT: Why nonprofit marketing just isn’t quite getting the content thing yet (and what nonprofit agencies can do to change that).

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