How We Work

Great content marketing depends on a content editor

Our process is built around the concept of a managing editor — the person in newspaper and magazine publishing who turns the big picture vision into a workable plan. They make sure quality writing that serves both the readers and the business is ready when the presses roll. Here’s what that looks like for content marketing.

content contsulting


Establish the fundamentals — stakeholders, audience, goals and voice.

creative brief for content marketing

Creative brief

Outlining your strategy for the writers who will execute it.

full funnel marketing map for content

Content map

Charting content by personas, use cases, search intent and buyer journey.

content editorial calendar

Editorial calendar

A timeline that ensures everyone involved hits their milestones.

assignment brief for content marketing

Assignment briefs

Crafting good assignments produces good end results.

project management for content marketing

Track WIP

Troubleshooting problems before the deadline.

content editing

Edit for alignment

Excellent writing doesn’t matter if it’s not what your business needs.

content editor at work

Edit for quality

Round and round we go to ensure it’s authoritative and polished.


Rest assured we don’t disappear when the content is edited and delivered. We know success depends on working with your web developers, designers, public relations experts and social media marketers — whether they’re part of your internal team or our own contract partners.

How we price content marketing projects

In most cases we charge on a deliverables basis, identifying with you what kind of content you will need. We take on projects with budgets of $30,000 or more for content development. Or, in cases of a retainer basis, we take on projects that can commit a minimum of $5,000/month and 6 months to get results.

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