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A content writing services agency that plays well with others

McGuire Editorial helps B2B and SaaS companies create effective written content. Our team combines marketing expertise with a robust editorial process to offer a reliable source of authoritative material that is aligned with your larger marketing and business strategy.

In addition to initial content strategy work for comprehensive ongoing content marketing projects, we manage all of the steps to produce the content — developing individual assignments that are aligned with your specific needs, finding and interviewing experts, writing and editing.

Not a full-service marketing agency

We’re a very specialized content marketing agency that sticks to content strategy and content writing services. We develop high-quality, authoritative, well-edited and well-aligned content. That’s it.

Specialization means you can count on the content to get done the way you need it. Writing and editing aren’t an add-on for us. It’s what we do.

But we do stay abreast of the larger trends in inbound marketing B2B SaaS product development. We also keep up with marketing technology tools, understand the essential role of distribution and promotion and value great design. So we eagerly collaborate with your internal team or contract partners to support the success of your whole marketing strategy.

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Our creative brief template helps you to capture your vision, value, voice and customer profile and to outline the kind of content you need.

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